Reproductive Rights Good News Roundup

Since last week was devoid of good news, I bumped my planned good news roundup to this week.

And lo, like a message from on high we get some national-level good news for women (although its not directly about reproductive rights). Its about damn time they got this passed. Yay non-watered-down VAWA!

Also on the national level, the Labor Department made some policy changes that make it easier to stop pay discrimination. Yay equal pay for equal work!

This clinic in Kansas (the same clinic operated by the murdered George Tiller) avoided shutdown. Yay for continuing reproductive health care in Kansas!

Also in Kansas, the State Supreme Court ruled that the non-biological parent of a child with same-sex parents gets the same rights as the biological parent. Yay for one more step towards LGBT equality!

In New Hampshire, Democrats blocked a Republican attempt to restrict access to abortion via method #421: mandatory waiting periods. Yay for respecting women’s decision making powers!

In Kentucky, a House committee prevented a half-dozen abortion restrictions before they had to go up for vote. Yay for not placing restrictions on what women can do with their bodies!

And that concludes the roundup, thereby proving that following reproductive health news is not all doom and gloom. Although I would point out that half of these stories are only tangentially related to reproductive health and the other half are simply holding on to the rights that women already have… I mean, think positive! Yay!



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