Misinformed Consent

Did you know that abortions increase your risk of breast cancer and can cause preterm birth in later pregnancies? If you didn’t, that means you understand how that corner of the world works. But little things like facts aren’t going to stand in the way of Republican lawmakers in North Carolina and Alabama! No, instead they (try to) pass stupid legislation that lies to women seeking abortions and children so that they can scare them into forced pregnancies.

In North Carolina, SB 132 would mandate teaching children that abortions lead to increased risk of preterm birth in later pregnancies, but the research shows that such a connection is tenuous at best. To teach K-9 children that this is a fact is both incorrect and blatantly abusing fringe research for the legislature’s ideological goal.
Likewise, in Alabama, the bill HB 350 would force women to be lied to about the medical complications of abortions before being allowed to terminate a pregnancy. This includes being told that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer and “terminates the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” The former is utterly refuted by research, and the latter is utterly refuted by common sense, since a 20 week fetus isn’t “separate” from the mother in any way.

There is nothing at all pleasant or morally righteous about what anti-choice legislators are trying to do. Nor is it very new or surprising that they would resort to underhanded tactics and faulty medical research to push their agenda. But such boldfaced inaccuracies not only limit women’s bodily autonomy and safe access to healthcare, they thumb their nose at science and threaten to perpetuate these laws by reeducating the next generation of voters.


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